Thursday, October 30, 2008

FSFS funfinfin chow review

detail from the three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion by francis bacon 1944

more teeth and fossiles from Lenka Clayton

FUNFINFIN, this exciting FSFS restaurant is perfect for fun cocktails, edgy noodle dinners or gatherings with friends and family. Famous for its endangered no more available shark fin soup side dish.
Guests feel welcomed the moment they step foot into this top San Francisco & beyond establishment. Located in Anytown Tenderloin, this adventurous restaurant and bar will satisfy your taste buds beyond any expectation. With décor like no other in San Francisco's beyond restaurant. FUNINFIN features cool rich earth tones, creative wall hangings and stimulating ceiling ornaments.
FUNFINFIN is where Japanesechinesekoreanamericangermankambodienviatnameseitalianindianmaroccanmexicanethopianpersian... spirits meet Saloon Town.

BOOK A TABLE ONLINE or call the following number.

FUNFINFINN a place for bodylandscape and questions a (w)hole (in the) wall were artists meet.


anna opperman

Watch some noodle art by our first class chef Max.

FUNFINFIN is a butts free environment on Hopper and Pollock Street.
More cool street and

other art

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

jtwine's white noise @ sight-sound-interaction3 at MICA-Maryland institute college of art

exhibit curated by jason sloan, faculty in the maryland
institute college of art's INTERACTIVE MEDIA DEPARTMENT.

This exhibition brings together a wide selection of
local and international artists exploring the language
of interactive and new media technologies within a
creative context.

This years exhibition includes work by:

+ justin espinas [USA]
+ anthony mattox [USA]
+ jillian mcdonald [USA]
+ ilia ovechkin [USA]
+ rafael rozendaal [The Netherlands]
+ severed heads/ tom ellard [Australia]
+ jurgen trautwein [Germany]
+ [Austria]

presented by the interactive media department
Rosenberg Gallery [2nd Floor / Brown Center]
October 27 - November 7, 2008
Opening Reception:
Monday October 27, 2008 6pm -8pm

Maryland Institute College of Art
1300 Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21217
(410) 669-9200

For more information please contact:
rsloan [at] mica [dot] edu

jtwine's white noise

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still flying high

Went out to possibly see some art; today was the last day of the open studios, 800 artists opened their doors, mine was closed. While wandering the streets of San Francisco I came across those street art pieces worth to mention. I was impressed by the middle aged guy flying his Obama Hope kite at civic center plaza.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Fin Fin- chinese mutant jtwine ox restaurant (choking on german art) - reposted

image from: F.L.Hall Subject: Fun Fin Fin restaurant Date: October 21, 2008 12:19:14 PM PDT To: jtwine
"Kitsch = the absolute denial of shit" m.k., go see & read more of milan kundera.

If you are more interested in our czech style Fun fin fin menu then in art go straight to the noodle place.

The following are excerpts from ecri cadavre exquis automatic FSFS email neo dada art correspondence project.

From: "Hal from Hawaii" Forwarded by "F.L."
Date: October 20, 2008 2:51:27 PM PDT
To: jtwine
Subject: german artists
Question for Jtwine. What do you think of German artist after Bueys. Kippenberger, Palermo, Richter, etc. Why not many women artists.
Right now, Kippenberger is having a show in LA.
The couple that taught photography etc?
Did they come out of Beuys?
Did Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski have an influence?
Were women involved?

german neologism 'in fear of prostitution by force' (ad fragment)

I was reading an old interview of Louise Bourgeois by Donald Kuspit.
Women in general were ignored in the art world. So this is not German problems.


From: jtwine
Subject: Re: German artist
Date: October 20, 2008 7:42:57 PM PDT
To: Hal

Hey Hal,
You mentioned the greatest of that period. It was a big movement called the "Neue Wilde" the new wild. I personally started art making (painting) at that time and was totally kicked by that movement (mainly painting).
Some other big names of that movement are Baselitz, Luepertz, Markus and Albert Oehlen, Immendorf...
Rebecca Horn, Anna Oppermann, Elvira Bach (I like Anna's and Rebecca's work a lot), are some female well knowns coming out of that time.

Rebecca Horn Drawing machine in which a pencil is, via a string, tied to a tree outdoors. The machine drew a different drawing every day of Summer 2006.

Anna Oppermann Artist task to solve problems 1978-84

Rebecca Horn and Anna Oppermann became professor at the university of the arts, around the time I was graduating in 1990. Anna died at the age of 53 in 1993.

being different

I took those images above at Anna's retrospective at the wuertembergische Kunstverein in Stuttgart 2007

The potography couple is Bernd and Hilla Becher, they taught at the same art Akademie in Duesseldorf as Richter and Polke. Palermo and Kiefer were students of Beuys, I don't know about the Bechers.
The Bechers were very influencial teachers, shaping the career of the following famous artists Thomas Struth, Thomas Demand, Candida Hofer, Thomas Ruff, and Andreas Gursky
Herzog's and Kinski's influence on that movement? I wouldn't know. I could rather see Wim Wenders in that context but that's pure speculation. I would need to do some research.
Herzog is great I like his work a lot, did you see one of his early movies "even dwarfs start small"?

Hope you get something out of it.


From: F.L.
Subject: german artists/czech
Date: October 20, 2008 8:33:55 PM PDT
To: jtwine

If you've seen them, apology for sending these.


Becher and Immendorff

Rebecca Horn - (I would do it differently today).


light, water, mud and wood

Forgot to give you this. Blinky wants to be a part of German group.

From: Hal
Subject: Lots of information
Date: October 21, 2008 11:30:07 AM PDT
To: jtwine

Thanks Jurgen,
That’s great, all the information that you poured out. I am familiar with most of the names and its good to sort of put the puzzle together. There was a german gallery in NY that brought these artist to NY , art that is and I was blown away, (we lived in NY during the 80s. In fact, my friend owns one of the Bechers ladders. He was the sup in their building and left it there.
Modern german history is so interesting. I sort of think of Guenter Grass as a point of entry.
When I was an art student in SF in the late 60s to 70s, the house that I lived in had people that ran the art film house called the Surf Theather. It was located down by the ocean at the end of Golden Gate. I got to see years of foreign films. I didn’t get to see that particular film of Herzog but have see a few. Klaus Kinski of course was great. Have you ever seen Roman Polanski's, the Fat and the Lean, perhaps I have the title wrong but he did it as a student and you could see his talent.
Anyway, you have given me much to digest and I so appreciate.
All the best, Hal

From: F.L.
Subject: Hesse
Date: October 22, 2008 1:05:45 PM PDT
To: jtwine

Eva was born in Hamburg, a German Jew. Her artistic breakthrough happened when she went to live in Germany. (Of course you can not discount the enormous importance of her friendship with Sol Lewitt.) Feminism, originality, minimalism, machine art, dada all came together for her. She did move out of the Abstract expressionism where she started in her paintings.

I would place her as a German Jewish woman artist who made a difference.


Eva Hesse work samples

Eva and Tom-machines & marriage

I thought of another german artist, Rosemarie Trockel. HL

More german art (
memory fragment, local stuff).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ramiro Martinez- Vertical Snake Standalone

3 images of the Vertical Snake Standalone by Fresno based artist Ramiro Martinez

The title is 'Vertical Snake' approx. 10ftx26ft. Sheet and stainless steel metal. The idea came as a response to an invitation to a collaboration from some local architects. They asked me if I can participate in their next archop, and I said yes. I designed it thinking to integrate art work with wall and metal design. I didn't want it straight (like a wall) because it would not satisfy my endeavor to making a standalone painting piece. The curves help to hold the structure together without much support. This is the state it is in now. I wanted to convey the idea of slithering movement like a snake where the bulk of movement is centered around the front part (The way a snake might move). I wanted metal, because it sort of represents the current age we live in. And also it is what I expressed to Kiel (a co-collaborator) during an Arthop one night when he asked if I would participate. I collaborated with Kiel Famellos Schmidt, and a woman architect name Riitta Vepsalainen. I can't spell her last name, but I think she was from Norway, or some other country. She was very supportive of my idea and this is what came out of it. I have footage of students and myself and Kiel all working on it. I call it my piece because I designed it and was there on every phase. I could send you some video of the making of it too.


Ok, It took awhile to compress these things...there are 2 parts and it is severely edited...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Merde, I got enough of art-celebrity-talk for now

she's got it

He's got it

F.L suggested:'' Next time we should talk about Rudolf Steiner vis a vis Beuys and Fassbinder.
Fassbinder hated his background. His mother was Steiner follower."

I don't care much about Steiner myself. I'm definetly more interested in Beuys and Fassbinder, or their mutual interest in creating "democratic" art.
Their art was socially critical and profoundly humane. But actually I'm more interested in non celebrity art, outside the mainstream art, and I don't want to re-chew the talk on cult figures. I guess they still get enough publicity.

on Market and Powell

Friday, October 17, 2008

Beuys-I like America and America likes me (notes on three heavywheights in the arts)


Coyote in an art gallery

This is far beyond red, white and blue, this is Beuys and his healing of the western mind. We both, Fung Lin and I love Beuys. With this post, I'm recalling, talk-thinking him over in the FSFS (fast slow fast slow, fung shark fin soup) project. He was a Düsseldorf based artist, a ground shaker, a man with a head (hat). I like blood sausages and they like me. The following is a low brow approach to high brow art, or I'd say never use a bathtub - object by Beuys (very bad translation) to cool beer, or to rinse glasses. (Scandal at a museum in Germany, check original text in German).

clip from his Guggenheim exhibition NYC 1979-80

Beuys I like America and America likes me, his first appearance in the United States.

We do not only like boys we like girls too.

Who is on the indifferent taste boat?

You got daddy Josef and mommy Louise of western art - two heavyweights.
Great teachers both of them. When I lived in New York I should have attended Louise Bourgeoise's open house sessions.
It was open to everyone. Mostly women went.

I watched the Beuys with the coyote. That was really great. We met Jack Burhnam at Les Levines place in the 70s. HL
Hal Lum

more shark - yellow fin - soup stuff.

"Life is all about cleaning" L. Bourgeois

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

FSFS - finishing off the finning issue (moving on, or when red gets out of the picture)

,I guess we got enough shark attack (finning issue) for now, just wanted to mention shark virgin birth and notes from a hammerhead on death row, otherwise we'll keep moving on.

Real Art is biting the hand that feeds you.

This is for those who want to keep laughing with that one.

The following are preview screen shots of a simple html game I have been working one for the past weeks. RWB - who's afraid of red, white and blue - a NIESATT of liberté, egalité and fraternité project. The piece will be uploaded with the following post. RWB is not necessarily funny, it's only an interactive Jimi-noise composer in red, white and blue, but maybe for some it's some entertaining fun besides the finals of the current hope game.

when red gets out of the picture

Saturday, October 11, 2008


After I took this photo I went into a store for 3 minutes, when I got out I saw someone wiping out the drawing, cleaning up the advertisment. He destroyed an amazing artpiece.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fung shark fin soup 3 - neodada art-talk project between Fung Lin Hall and jtwine

,/North Pacific Gyre
Shark, tissue and issue


I want to change to Fung Shark Fin Soup project (instead of Fung Fin Shark), it sounds better?
Not too much trouble?

Or Fun Shark Fin Soup (drop my g), What do you think.


I prefer Fung not Fun, but fun should it be as tragic it might be.

Changed it to Fung shark fin soup, sounds better?! to me almost a tongue twister, that's cool.
You got interesting images of cooked shark fin tissue and more tissues of course. How long does it take for a tissue to be broken down into cellulose or whatever, I mean till it wont be visible anymore?
Or how long does it take for a shark to die once his fins have been removed?

Did you hear of the North Pacific Gyre located some miles of the coast of california about twice the size of Texas, an ocean-soup of ever-accumulating trash. Some particles so small that they end up in tissue of birds, fish and us of course.

Bottle caps and other plastic objects are visible inside the decomposed carcass of this Laysan albatross on Kure Atoll, which lies in a remote and virtually uninhabited region of the North Pacific. The bird probably mistook the plastics for food and ingested them while foraging for prey.

What a mess no more sharks but plastic everywhere.

I have not read the whole thing yet.
Shark fin soup an eco catastroph

I don't eat shark fin soup these days. I did when I was small. Every dinner parties by Chinese people include shark fin soup. The most incredible dish is Crab eggs with shark fin soup. I used to love this soup. Ang Lee, Tony Leung etc are doing commercials telling people not to eat Shark fin soup.


12:15 am
I just came around this

The art of finning? or Disney sucks!

Disney and shark fin soup
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) created a special shirt to promote this campaign. The Stop Shark Finning T-shirts (with the artwork created by Dutch artist and Sea Shepherd volunteer Geert-Jan Vons) were an important tactic in convincing Disney (for one week or so) to defend the sharks and not to contribute to their slaughter by serving the expensive shark fin soup.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fung shark fin soup 2 - neodada art-talk project between Fung Lin Hall and jtwine

It looks like a landscape by Liu Wei


The yokohama fins are amazing!
should we do the project in a kind of ecriture automatic/cadavre exquis style (andre breton's surrealistic games i believe)?, so we could spontaneously write and post images whatever comes into our minds (reflecting on the last email one has received).


Mais oui.
>ecriture automatic/cadavre exquis style
You can put these words in for your next post.
(Not for Sarah Palin.)
Or go to Breton. (Frieda Kahlo complained about Andre Breton?)
She said the only french person she liked was Duchamp.

I am going to connect Shark fin tissue and my Tissue II. Mine takes time. Slow.
Toilet paper and eating Shark Fin - may have some connection in the ocean, have no idea.


this entry continues on Fung Lin's blog

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fung shark fin soup - neodada art-talk project between Fung Lin Hall and jtwine

This project is a collection of email correspondences between Fung Lin Hall, Japan born chinese american - or dubious asian american from Tokyo now living in the desert/McCain country (one of her dogs is from Mexico) and the German born San Francisco based jtwine alias Jurgen Trautwein.

The idea to the project started through my misspelling of Fung Lin's name as Fung Fin.
She did find it funny and responded with Fung shark fin soup. I was kicked by that and we decided to publicize our correspondence under the title Fung shark fin soup. There we go...

Shark fin soup originated in Asia and recipes date back over 2000 years. The soup was once a rarity available only to the aristocracy, primarily because it was so difficult to create. However, times have changed, fishing boats have improved, fishing nets are exponentially longer, and China's growing middle class has created an increased demand for this "delicacy."

Today, shark fin soup is routinely sold in trendy restaurants throughout Asia. Creating the soup is difficult because the fins must be cooked for a very long time until they separate into needles of cartilage that look like clear noodles. The fin itself has no taste, but is served with a broth of chicken, ham, and shiitake that it absorbs. Although numerous countries have made it illegal to harvest sharks for their fins, Hong Kong - Disney's new pal - is actually the world's largest trader of shark fins.

Shark fin soup is erroneously considered an aphrodisiac or regarded as beneficial to one's health, although studies have shown no healthful benefits. Ironically, the methods used to prepare shark fin soup reduce the water content of the fin, which concentrates numerous chemical impurities. Shark fins studied at the University of Hong Kong contained 5.84 parts per million (ppm) of mercury, compared to a maximum permitted level of 0.5 ppm. The high presence of mercury was confirmed in independent tests conducted by two state-related labs in Thailand, and the findings are also reflected in US, Australian, and New Zealand governmental reports.

In plain English, this means that eating shark fins could render men sterile due to the high mercury content. source Bangkok Post 10/05 2004 for more info check NY times artikle.

what a disgusting business!

I was looking in Chinatown for some shark fins, but couldn't find any. Found deer antlers and super nature power instead. j

The Chinese will never give up on Shark fin soup - it's a tradition - any celebration, wedding whatever.

The Russians with their caviar. Two ecological disaster practices of eating by the wealthy people.
Emperor soup

Yokohama Chinese Medicine Shark fins

illegal catch
illegal fins


Since this project is supposed to focus predominantly on art, check out Fung Lin's post on contemporary Chinese art Mahjong, currently shown at the Berkely art museum.
The exhibition concept doesn’t derive from mahjong, but it plays with it. It’s a game with 144 stones and you will have 12 groups of 12 stones. …

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sidewalk spill painting

Somebody supposedly accidentally dropped a gallon of white paint from the 3rd floor of a building on the sidewalk on Hyde and California Street. To me a beautiful unintended masterpiece.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

context.where? music by mwvm, video by Francis Kohler

while currently working as an independent artist at Creativity Explored, I asked Francis, the manager of the art-space, what the cool music was he was just playing and he gave me this.
I was really curious, I thought it might be something new by sigur ros.

Music by mwvm. Track title: context. where? from the album "rotations" on Silber. Visuals by eyeonsound. Video created solely within iMovie using no imported images.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tag elimination paintings (accidental high brow)

at Van Ness and Sacramento

at van Ness and Sacramento

at Van Ness and Sacramento

at de Haro and 16th

at de Haro and 16th

Cruising the city outside the mainstream gallery & museum driven art machine, I found those "accidental" abstract paintings. To me, they are highbrow, unpretentious, unintended paintings, just cross outs or tags painted over. This stuff reminded me of some color field painters or Serge Poliakoff's work and some of Hans Hoffmann's paintings.

Fung Lin Hall mentioned James Brooks to me and shortly after she provided me with the following links.

David Row
david row



James Brooks


Marca Relli - you know him?