Thursday, April 30, 2020

From left 2 Right - meditative repetitions in pen and ink during lockdown, San Francisco in the year of the Rat - part1









8 selected drawings from the "From Left to Right"collaborative drawing project 
with Silvia Nonnenmacher during shelter in place, 
pen and ink on letter-size paper, 21,6 x 27,9 cm - a lining up for the lines production line project

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

mind_fly screenshots - 2020

1. Full Force

2.Tell you

3. Big Stink

4. Holed-up Emptiness

5. Could be anywhere

6. No Escape

"mind_fly", a collaborative video by Jürgen Trautwein and Silvia Nonnenmacher, employed the 'shelter-in-place' low-tech approach of weaving pen & ink drawings on letter-size paper into .gifs and subsequent video.
Counterpointed by a clickety-click soundscape of automated subway traffic, assembly-lines, elevator doors, disembodied footfalls, droning announcements --in which a cumulatively nightmarish post-apocalyptic lung exhales toxin and smoke into an accelerating de-humanizing de-civilization of smartphone dependence and dystopic digitization (where gas masks literally become the only short-end resolution)--
“mind_fly” nevertheless eschews the fatalistic for the hopeful… suggesting that the evil spell be broken, at least symbolically, by a calming re-integration with nature, as in the simple interaction of a single human gratefully listening to the song of a single bird on the perch of one’s own finger.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

CONTACT-T, pen and ink drawings during shelter in place in SF, letter-size, 2020






Looking at contact tracing, selected drawings from the series CONTACT-T, pen and ink on letter-size paper, 21, 6 x 27,9 cm, 2020

Friday, April 17, 2020

BROOMeditations, the a(c)(r)t of sweeping - avocado blossom drawings, San Francisco, 2020



















18 images from the BROOMeditations series, the a(c)(r)t of sweeping - avocado blossom drawings, San Francisco, 2020
calming - meditating- healing during shutdown

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Walking in circles 24/ 7 - interactive floorinstallation under lock-down, San Francisco

"Walking in circles 24/7” (following the wheel of the law), a shelter in place floor-installation-variations project, hand-painted letter-size paper, dimensions variable (studio version 205 cm diameter), 2020

A game without a goal to fill in the blank  

another lock-down game

Friday, April 10, 2020

Video Art Miden - ARTificial Intelligence - online screening

Online screening "ARTificial Intelligence", in which you participate, which is a collaboration with Athens School of Fine Arts. The program is now online on youtube at and will remain open until end of April 2020.

Thank you so much for participating, it is really crucial and important to continue the artistic dialogue and exchange in these strange times of isolation we are experiencing.

You may find the announcement on our website here:

We are attaching the webposter and the pdf program.

We hope everyone is well and safe! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Gioula Papadopoulou
Video Art Miden

Participating artists/works:

-Juergen Trautwein & Silvia Nonnenmacher, Meta_Face, USA 2017, 2.09    
-Di Hu, Les Objets Du Système, China 2019, 4.00 
-Landia Art and Economy Foundation, Chatbot Dialogs, Germany 2019, 4.58 
-Landia Art and Economy Foundation, Human Applications, Germany 2019, 13.18 
-Elliott Nicole J. Waller & Fabian Forban, AEI (artificial emotional intelligence), Sweden/Germany, 2019, 4.10   
-Yvana Samandova & Borjan Zarevski, Artificial Intelligence VS Aristotle// beta 0.98, France 2019, 4.21 
-Katerina Athanasopoulou & Eleni Ikoniadou, Her Voice, UK 2019, 5.32    
-Sven Windszus, PURE WHITE, Germany 2017, 3.00  

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Undocumented events and object permanence - spring 2020 collection

Undocumented events and object permanence
- An online exhibition series thematizing documentation, conservation, (false) memory, (art) object, phenomenology, and blockchain certification.

The Spring 2020 collection is ready!

The exhibition contains 63 works submitted between January and March 2020.

Participating artists
Acoustic Mirror, Bruce Barber, Arlen Barrera Leyva, sohil bhatia, Lawrence Bird, Alessa Brossmer, Ana Buigues, Cyborg Art Collective, sajjad dadpour, desire_direct, Reynald Drouhin, Jõrn Ebner, Siegmar Fricke / Pharmakustik, Mr. G, Benna Gaean Maris, Marko Gaertner, Diana Galimzyanova, Max Herman, Max Herman & Michael Szpakowski, Jinu Hong, Brenda Hutchinson, Danielle Imara, marcela jardon, Yejin Stephany Lee, Jan Robert Leegte, Zhongkai Li, Tatjana Macic, Aaliyah Marsh, Konstantina Mavridou & Silvia Gatti, Zsolt Mesterhazy, Jeff Ostergren, Bya de Paula, Milos Peskir, Daniel Pinheiro, pitscher, Theodora Prassa, Stefanie Reling-Burns, Natallia Sakalova, SLIDERS_lab [Frédéric Curien, Jean-Marie Dallet], Alan Sondheim, Anthony Stephenson, Elle Thorkveld, Christian Tiedeman, Jordan Topiel Paul, Jurgen Trautwein, A. P. Vague, Thomas Valianatos, Emilio Vavarella, Juri Wennekes, Paul Wiegerinck, William Wolfgang Wunderbar, and [anonymous]

The collection is notarized and certified on the bitcoin blockchain with the hash key of the zip of the collection embedded in the transaction. It means there's a public stamp referring to it, a proof-of-existence, since the hash-key is unique. So, the undocumented events and objects of the collection are then nonetheless proven to exist, which was partly the point, to assert an existence of the otherwise non-documented and non-documentable. In various degrees the works reflect this. In other words, blockchain is used as an archive, museum or a similar function for conservation of works, but without containing or revealing them - its only function is to certify their existence when asked.

Priest: Although it is midnight I see the form of a man, a faint form, in the light there. If you are spirit, who are you?
Spirit: I am the ghost of Tsunemasa. Your service has brought me.
Priest: Is it the ghost of Tsunemasa? I perceive no form, but a voice from a recording.
Spirit: It is the faint sound alone that remains.
Priest: O! But I saw the form, really.
Spirit: It is there if you see it.
-- Tsunemasa Noh play

Note the spirit's uncertainty as to his own success in appearing. The priest wonders if he really saw anything. The spirit affirms that 'The body was there if you saw it.'

Next edition will be the Summer collection, with a deadline in 20 June. A call for it will be sent out later.

For more info

The project is organized by Noemata.