Monday, May 28, 2012

@ The European Media Art Festival in Osnabrueck

Sample works from the Revolve exhibition at the Kunsthalle Osnabrueck as part of the EMAF

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tenderloin walk

steps, public art project in the tenderloin

Sunday, May 6, 2012

noise_pix_bombs @ Revolution Now and Forever - VN Gallery, Zagreb

Catalog excerpt from the revolution now and forever show @SC gallery, VN gallery and in the streets of Zagreb 05.09.2012 -05.19.2012

Artists on view:


1.      Gillian Mciver: PROJECT GAGARIN, A COLD WAR NOSTALGIA, video

2.      Paul Beck: A THOUSAND POUND BOMB, video

3.      Guli Silberstein: REFORM, video

4.      Igor Bošnjak: 2048, SF video

5.      Jürgen Trautwein: NOISE_PIX_BOMBS,  sound- net art

6.      Alan Bigelow:,  net art

7.      Selma Banich: EVERY CRY IS A REVOLUTIONARY ANTHEM, video

8.      PERFORMING TERRORISM CUBE, interactive installation

9.      EUPatrids, music performance

10.    Đurđica Katić: THIN RED LINE, installation, public action


1.         Dalibor Martinis: EGIPTIAN ODESSA STAIRS, video

2.         Andrej Mirchev: SECRET ADEPT OF REVOLUTION, lecture performance

3.         Pino Ivančić: SALE, installation

4.         Goran Ristić: ART MUST BE STRONG, performance

5.         Marijan Crtalić: POLITICAL BREATHING, performance

6.         David Colagiovanni: OAKLAND, OCTOBER 25th, animation

7.         Joseph DeLappe: Chatroulette: Discipline and Punish, 2011, Telematic Performance

8.         Boris Bakal: BMW, lecture

9.         Sarah Boothroyd: REBBLE RAUSERS, sound art

10.       Drago Palavra, DEMONSTRATION AGAINST, photo

11.       Đuro Gavran. LIJEPA NAŠA DOMOVINO, experimental video

12.       Marko Marković, 99_1, video