Saturday, July 13, 2013

On Old Path

On Old Path (Auf alten Pfaden ) is a photo documentation of the evolving, ephemeral NIESATT outdoors drawing/installation/performance - a conceptual temporary interactions with nature project, where action and object become one. The project explores ancient trails and fictional ancient trails, as well as the idea of the long gone and still there, the path and passing - touching aspects of walking patterns, transitions, migrations and repetitions.

On Old Path is a tribute to Bashō's "The narrow road to the deep north" in which he suggests that "every day is a journey, and the journey itself home."

While being on an On Old Path bitten and stung by bugs and mosquitoes, performing to the various sounds of birds and the elements, my mind circles around Richard Long's a line made by walking, Duerer's Reisen, also Dieter Roth's garden sculpture, Zhuangzi's philosophy, Noah Purifoy's outdoor projects and many others that might come up in a stream of thought.

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 On Old Path,  letter-size paper in nature @ various locations in south-west Germany