Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Friday, January 25, 2019

Jürgen Trautwein @ ART Karlsruhe 2019 mit Galerie Marek Kralewski, Freiburg


Galerie Marek Kralewski
mit Arbeiten von Paul Ahl, Elisabeth Bereznicki, Matthias Dämpfle, Holger Fitterer, Petra Frey, Kirti Ingerfurth, Norbert NEON, 
David van der Post, Jürgen Trautwein sowie Yafeng Duan (One Artist Show) und René Acht (Sonderschau Druckgrafik)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The sound of the rain needs no translation - solo exhibition at Gallery60six in San Francisco

TSOTR-M-b/g 2 (Neptuns Girlfriend), acrylic on canvas, 46,5"x36,5", 2018

the sound of the rain needs no translation
Jürgen Trautwein presents his 6th show with 60SIX, “the sound of the rain needs no translation.”
This reductive suite of paintings, like most of Trautwein’s series’ uses visual and conceptual content from his last body of work as momentum into the next. In “Train Ride to Luxor” the flat horizontal paintings with a trancelike light inner white glow bounced the viewer’s eye from flat space to deep space and back again. In the new work the viewer steps almost entirely into the deep white space where color practically disappears from the edges, almost like entering Doug Wheeler’s “infinity room” of white light and nothingness. 
This series’ title and it’s individual painting titles, such as “Every Day is a Good Day” and “Neptune’s Girlfriend” translate the work’s embodiment of zen notions of the here and now.  Like a Robert Ryman painting or a Jon Zurier, this work sits quietly and demands only a deep breath. Trautwein has dual sets of work in his practice. His drawings and video works (some of which he calls hypertexts) with sound and his signature “time sheets,”sublimate nervous energy and illuminate randomness and chaos. They satirize politics, technology, and as the artist says, “perpetually reoccurring human folly.” His paintings provide an escape to the calm and serenity of the present moment.  The viewer finds their own meaning in confronting these minimal paintings.


Exhibition views/installation shots
Pop up Reception:
Saturday, February 9, 6:30-9pm
455A Valencia Street SF CA
View by appointment
February 12-through March 9
12 Elgin Park, SF CA 94103