Sunday, September 27, 2015

OFL (old family linen) - acrylic paintings on antique linen

OFL are monochromatic paintings, using old family linen, exploring the absence of form, the void, silence, detachment, folds, creases, wrinkles, crinkles, cutting edges, seams, fringes, buck-lings and deflections. OFL gives praise to my mother my grand mothers and great grandmothers, who kept their linen meticulously folded, bearing invisible traces of love, joy, birth, suffering and death. This series of paintings is part of the evolving "traces of times past" project. click here for more images

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sister 7 @ Gallery 60SIX

Saturday, September 26, 2015
Gallery 60SIX, 66 Elgin Park Artist reception Saturday 9/26 5-8pm
open through Saturday October 31

Jürgen Trautwein

Sister 7
In his series “Sister 7” Jürgen Trautwein investigates resistance and transparency in painting. His practice of using found objects in his work continues as in this series clear plastic roof sheeting acts as the canvas, creating resistance with the acrylic paint. Jürgen has an uncanny ability to seemingly effortlessly integrate elements of subjects or materials he confronts in daily life in his work. Concept, process and materials unite in his practice and overall body of work, (i.e. line drawings, photos, videos, paintings).
In “Sister 7” strokes of paint form chance puddles, drops and explosions when hitting the industrial plastic. Energetic marks travel a meandering, unpredictable path. Several coats of varnish then confine and trap the paint almost as if frozen while in escape or motion…resulting in pictures that become controlled accidents.
Trautwein plays with transparency by layering the paintings in some cases, where the overlap exposes the activity and color below. In the more minimal spacious pieces the paint suggests live organisms poised for inspection in a Petri-dish. Other works show the artist’s brush marks subtly or boldly as they disintegrate and deconstruct. Universal metaphors could be implied with political overtones in the exploration of “resistance and transparency.” Trautwein’s deliberate manner and trust in allowing these materials (plastic, paint, varnish) to simultaneously marry and repel, create extremely diverse moods; from violence to calm.

Sister 7

sister7-7f, acrylic and water-based varnish on clear plastic sheeting, 39.5”x 28”, 2014