Monday, October 20, 2008

Ramiro Martinez- Vertical Snake Standalone

3 images of the Vertical Snake Standalone by Fresno based artist Ramiro Martinez

The title is 'Vertical Snake' approx. 10ftx26ft. Sheet and stainless steel metal. The idea came as a response to an invitation to a collaboration from some local architects. They asked me if I can participate in their next archop, and I said yes. I designed it thinking to integrate art work with wall and metal design. I didn't want it straight (like a wall) because it would not satisfy my endeavor to making a standalone painting piece. The curves help to hold the structure together without much support. This is the state it is in now. I wanted to convey the idea of slithering movement like a snake where the bulk of movement is centered around the front part (The way a snake might move). I wanted metal, because it sort of represents the current age we live in. And also it is what I expressed to Kiel (a co-collaborator) during an Arthop one night when he asked if I would participate. I collaborated with Kiel Famellos Schmidt, and a woman architect name Riitta Vepsalainen. I can't spell her last name, but I think she was from Norway, or some other country. She was very supportive of my idea and this is what came out of it. I have footage of students and myself and Kiel all working on it. I call it my piece because I designed it and was there on every phase. I could send you some video of the making of it too.


Ok, It took awhile to compress these things...there are 2 parts and it is severely edited...

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