Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brittles - new acrylic paintings on recycled newspapers

Brittles are acrylic paintings on collages using the official journal of a town in Southern Germany.

The series explores country,
county or town borders, inclusions and exclusions seen from a fictional satellite point of view.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Animations at

An Uber-Wahnsinn paranoid trembling project 

DEADplanetFINE*, is a web 1.0 retro-renaissance remixology project consisting of looped animated mouseover-gif-film-crawls.

DEADplanetFINE*, are animated acid humorous social-commentary-line-drawings interwoven with abstract blink-scrolls, that reflect on the nightmarish state of the world.The project touches issues of war, race, rape, violence, loneliness, torture, sexism, porn, gadgetism, obsenity, power, greed, intoxication, pollution and the human folly in general.
Depending on the movement of the mouse the animations take on various speeds and directions of motion.

DEADplanetFINE*, uses a poly-linguistic-sound-blur-drone. The languages are used for their phonetics and not for the meaning of the words. 

DEADplanetFINE* attempts to expose, in a funny way, the crazy world we live in, which seems to have followed the same principle over the past aeons, which is the perpetual reoccurrence of the same.