Friday, October 17, 2008

Beuys-I like America and America likes me (notes on three heavywheights in the arts)


Coyote in an art gallery

This is far beyond red, white and blue, this is Beuys and his healing of the western mind. We both, Fung Lin and I love Beuys. With this post, I'm recalling, talk-thinking him over in the FSFS (fast slow fast slow, fung shark fin soup) project. He was a DΓΌsseldorf based artist, a ground shaker, a man with a head (hat). I like blood sausages and they like me. The following is a low brow approach to high brow art, or I'd say never use a bathtub - object by Beuys (very bad translation) to cool beer, or to rinse glasses. (Scandal at a museum in Germany, check original text in German).

clip from his Guggenheim exhibition NYC 1979-80

Beuys I like America and America likes me, his first appearance in the United States.

We do not only like boys we like girls too.

Who is on the indifferent taste boat?

You got daddy Josef and mommy Louise of western art - two heavyweights.
Great teachers both of them. When I lived in New York I should have attended Louise Bourgeoise's open house sessions.
It was open to everyone. Mostly women went.

I watched the Beuys with the coyote. That was really great. We met Jack Burhnam at Les Levines place in the 70s. HL
Hal Lum

more shark - yellow fin - soup stuff.

"Life is all about cleaning" L. Bourgeois

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