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Leap second festival 2012

Leap second festival

Festival flyer. Forwarding appreciated.

Festival program

The leap second is approaching... The coming Saturday at midnight, 30th June 23:59:60 (UTC), the first Leap second festival will take place. It will last until the 1st of July 00:00:00 (UTC). Within this leap second all the works of the festival are exhibited and performed.
There are thirty-seven participants exhibiting and performing works of different types - video, audio, text, poem, visual, visual text, animation, conceptual, instructional, narration, dedication, musical score, polemic (if we want to categorize them as such).
The participants are A. Andreas (Andreas Maria Jacobs), Cristina Andries, Sissel Berntsen, Brian Blaney, Ana Buigues, Yiorgos Chouliaras, Elisabeth S. Clark, Simon Coates, Roger Cummiskey, Chris Funkhouser, Peter Grass, Mathias Hauan Arbo, Martin Howse, INTERLICHTSPIELHAUS, Karl Heinz Jeron, Halvard Johnson, Irena Kalodera, Daniel Kelley, Jyrki Kirjalainen, Bonnie MacAllister, Bjørn Magnhildøen, Nick Mattan, albert negredo, Pasha Radetzki, Stefan Riebel, Jesse Scott, Alan Sondheim, Anthony Stephenson, Otto Tall, andrew topel, jurgen trautwein aka jtwine, Nico Vassilakis, Visuel Sound : Blaise Merino & Irène Strubbe, Paul Wiegerinck, Jan Windle, Margo Wolf.
Most works are shown in digital format and using the net as their venue, though their content might as well refer to other formats, venues and domains - whether online, offline, outline, site, on-site, non-site (or how we prefer). The festival is a distributed event coordinated on the net.
Most works last one second. Though some are time-independent (in format), the basic idea of a miniature work that can be exhibited/performed within one second is followed.
Since the festival only lasts one second, everything has to be shown simultaneously. So, Saturday at midnight, 30th June 23:59:60 (UTC), people going to the Leap second festival site will be able to see all the works executed, exhibited, and performed (or what it takes).
In reality, the festival is an event that happens in a particular time, and not in any particular place. And since we all share the same time living on this free oscillating ball, disregarding relativity theory for the moment, the festival will actually take place everywhere and at the same time. We earthball-people operate with timezones, so take care to check when 30th of June 23:59:60 (UTC) is likely to happen in your temporary zone (autonomous or not), because the leap second does not occur on June 30 everywhere. Have a look at what UTC time is and compare to your clock to know when it's due.
With this in mind, we proceed to the festival program, and have a look at what will happen during the leap second.

All @ 23:59:60

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Mr. Blank posing @ Neue Pinakothek Munich

deux billets, posing performance in front of Thusnelda im Triumphzug des Germanicus von Carl Theodor von Piloty and Arnold Böcklin's Wasserspiele at the Neue Pinakothek in Munich, which features 19th. century art.