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META_FACE @6th international video exhibition @HongGah Museum Taipei, Taiwan

META_FACE will be part of the international video exhibition OFFLINE BROWSER @Hong Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan 10.20.18-01.13.19

許家維 HSU Chia-Wei
許峰瑞 HSU Fong-Ray

The information flow within a network society inherits the speed and elasticity of capitalism. Be it smartphone, TV, or computer, all are integrated onto the showcase medium that takes the Internet as the operation platform, while innovative technological entities integrate the information content and material interface of browsing. Under such circumstances, the convergence of multiple technologies along the processes from producing to watching images is being influenced by the numerous mediators and participants and vice versa, which further gives birth to the dynamic order as a whole. Yet, the spread of network technology shares similarities of that of an artificial neural network, substantially changing our manipulation of experience, power, history and the process of cultural production as well as the outcomes. The organizational concepts and forms based on fixed space, time, place, and state are utterly shattered, whereas the orientation it displays takes the “flowing” power as the first priority, which not only accelerates the evolution of capitalism and changes the nature of capital market, but also renews itself at a swift speed, producing a real-time global action.
The open structure of a network society possesses an attribute of extending beyond space and time. Hence, a “User”, disregard the direction he/she approaches from, is an open terminal, whatsoever. As long as the same communication codes are flowing and consumed on the Internet, they could be integrated into the new nodes, exploring the unknown network. In the meantime, the real identity of a User in the Internet Protocol is an “address” defined by a series of digital codes. Therefore, a User is not necessary a human being. It can be a machine as well. Networking brings about the qualitative changes to the production, utilization, and meaning construction of messages by the Users on the Internet. The key not only lies in how a text narrative is produced, but in the complicated relationship between the cloud database and message texts. Such process of conversion is the very image attribute the video art biennial this year aims to focus. It produces encyclopedia-like image texts among the co-opetition in between cloud database and narratives. What it manifests on the real-virtual image border is Users’ re-coding and understanding of life experiences as well as how to derive the dynamic relationships among the various networks in the human society with experience and knowledge in the network society consists of cloud, machines, and user groups. Under this framework, the material payload within images no longer plays the instrumental role in the conventional video art context. Instead, it is a springboard that reflects upon the network society as well as one of the segments of the artists’ creation and actions in “Offline Browser”.
“Offline Browser” stresses not the functional interpretation of online and offline on the Internet, nor does it pose us a binary question whether to leave or to stay. What It attempts to discuss, however, is that when we are using the platform constructed by the Internet, how we should contemplate the structural relationship between individual production and network under the user identity as producer/user/consumer, and convert the perspective of technical tool in the network society into a perspective of medium, infiltrating data via the reverse production of information and eventually affecting the material basis of algorithm. The key underneath is that networking technology is not unilaterally determined by the society, but more by the network worldview fabricated by the participations of users within. Thus, how to comprehend and not be held by the power of this technology is the very strategy Offline Browser deliberates.

大衛・布蘭迪 David BLANDY(英國)
尤根・陶凡 Jurgen TRAUTWEIN (德國)
文森・布迪索 Vincent POUYDESSEAU(法國)
皮亞特・珂施摩斯基 Piotr KRZYMOWSKI(波蘭)
瓦倫蒂諾・魯索 Valentino RUSSO(義大利)
半導體 Semiconductor(英國)
吉列・立貝羅 Gilles RIBERO(法國)
伊旺・古德 Ewan GOLDER(英國)
伊塔馬・辛匈尼 Itamar SHIMSHONY(以色列)
何子彥 HO Tzu Nyen(新加坡)
吳思嶔 WU Sih-Chin(台灣)
李宰旭 LEE Jaewook(南韓)
李恩喜 LEE Eunhee(南韓)
希朵.史戴爾 Hito STEYERL(德國)
林子桓 LIN Tzu-Huan(台灣)
帕希斯・卡波涅斯 Vasils KARVOUNIS(希臘)
亞麗珊卓・菲里妮 Alessandra FERRINI(義大利)
哈倫・法洛基 Harun FAROCKI(德國)
約瑟夫・威克斯 Joseph WILCOX(美國)
保羅・威爾斯賓斯基 Paul WIERSBINSKI(德國)
陸明龍 Lawrence LEK(德國)
高倩彤 KO Sin Tung(香港)
陸浩明+亞歷克斯・麥+彼得・倪森 Andrew LUK / Alexis MAILLES / Peter NELSON(香港)
馬契斯・契里亞卡波洛斯 Makis KYRIAKOPOULOS(希臘)
納威・諾帕坤 Naween NOPPAKUN(泰國)
娜塔莉婭・斯科比娃 Natalia SKOBEEVA(俄羅斯/比利時)
張奕滿 CHONG Heman(新加坡)
梁超 LIANG Chao(中國)
涅斯托爾・席爾+茱莉亞・韋斯特 Nestor SIRÉ+Julia WEIST(古巴+美國)
賈伯葉・德布朗格 Gabriel DESPLANQUE(法國)
詹姆士・威利 James WYLIE(紐西蘭)
楊秦華 YANG Qin-Hua(中國)
愛莉莎・史翠娜 Elisa STRINNA(義大利)
葛雷格里・海曼 Gregory HAYMAN(英國)
瑪麗亞・莫麗娜‧貝伊蘿María MOLINA PEIRÓ(西班牙)
陳以軒 CHEN I-Hsuen(台灣)
陳呈毓 CHEN Chen-Yu(台灣)
鄭源 ZHENG Yuan(中國)
鄭先喻 CHENG Hsien-Yu(台灣)
鄭亭亭 CHENG Ting-Ting(台灣)
鄭佳喜 JEONG Kahee(南韓)
羅晟文 LO Sheng-Wen(台灣)
蘇珊娜・芙拉克 Susanna FLOCK(奧地利)
蘭達・摩若菲 Randa MAROUFI(摩洛哥)

Artist List
David BLANDY (UK), CHEN Chen-Yu (Taiwan), CHEN I-Hsuen (Taiwan), CHENG Hsien-Yu (Taiwan), CHENG Ting-Ting (Taiwan), CHONG Heman (Singapore), Gabriel DESPLANQUE (France), Harun FAROCKI (Germany), Alessandra FERRINI (Italy), Susanna FLOCK (Austria), Ewan GOLDER (UK), Gregory HAYMAN (UK), HO Tzu Nyen (Singapore), JEONG Kahee (South Korea), Vasils KARVOUNIS (Greece), KO Sin Tung (Hong Kong), Piotr KRZYMOWSKI (Poland), Makis KYRIAKOPOULOS (Greece), LEE Eunhee (South Korea), LEE Jaewook (South Korea), Lawrence LEK (Germany), LIANG Chao (China), LIN Tzu-Huan (Taiwan), LO Sheng-Wen (Taiwan), Andrew LUK / Alexis MAILLES / Peter NELSON (Hong Kong), Randa MAROUFI (Morocco), María MOLINA PEIRÓ (Spain), Naween NOPPAKUN (Thailand), Vincent POUYDESSEAU (France), Gilles RIBERO (France), Valentino RUSSO (Italy), Semiconductor (UK), Itamar SHIMSHONY (Israeli), Nestor SIRÉ + Julia WEIST (Cuba + USA), Natalia SKOBEEVA (Russia / Belgium), Hito STEYERL (Germany), Elisa STRINNA (Italy), Jurgen TRAUTWEIN (Germany), WU Sih-Chin (Taiwan), James WYLIE (New Zealand), Joseph WILCOX (USA), Paul WIERSBINSKI (Germany), YANG Qin-Hua (China), ZHENG Yuan (China)

2018/10/19(Fri) 19:00 Opening !

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