Tuesday, April 21, 2020

mind_fly screenshots - 2020

1. Full Force

2.Tell you

3. Big Stink

4. Holed-up Emptiness

5. Could be anywhere

6. No Escape

"mind_fly", a collaborative video by Jürgen Trautwein and Silvia Nonnenmacher, employed the 'shelter-in-place' low-tech approach of weaving pen & ink drawings on letter-size paper into .gifs and subsequent video.
Counterpointed by a clickety-click soundscape of automated subway traffic, assembly-lines, elevator doors, disembodied footfalls, droning announcements --in which a cumulatively nightmarish post-apocalyptic lung exhales toxin and smoke into an accelerating de-humanizing de-civilization of smartphone dependence and dystopic digitization (where gas masks literally become the only short-end resolution)--
“mind_fly” nevertheless eschews the fatalistic for the hopeful… suggesting that the evil spell be broken, at least symbolically, by a calming re-integration with nature, as in the simple interaction of a single human gratefully listening to the song of a single bird on the perch of one’s own finger.


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