Tuesday, February 11, 2020

One-Off Moving Image Festival 2020

We're excited to invite you to the third edition of One-Off Moving Image Festival!
This year we have two programs. In addition to showing one second movies together with 60sec movies, we're also showing long single take movies. The theme is "Browsing right and wrong".
All movies are screened during the festival February 10 - 16, 2020 in Valencia (ES) and Gol (NO) in addition to the net. We use routers and QR-codes to screen the movies on smartphones in public spaces. Since the long single take movies are considered performative and site-specific the One-Off festival takes place at the location of the movies and becomes a distributed event. In this manner we've been able to screen the year 2020 in year 2017 - and even as far back as 2011 - in an anticipatory participation or plagiarism! One-Off 2020 also offers an experimental peer screening, where the shooting site of a movie contains reference to a peer movie (a printed QR-code placed at the location) perhaps in an attempt to displace its own (psychogeographical) mapping.
We're collaborating with 60Seconds Festival in Copenhagen (DK) taking place in parallel, to physically screen a selection of the one second movies mixed with 60 seconds movies in public spaces in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Køge and Helsingør during the festival week.
In addition, all one second movies will be included in the next Leap Second Festival, an irregular x-ennale lasting one second.



One second movies

Kristin Anderson
Lavoslava Benčić
Aad Björkro
Marijn Bril
Lénie Blue
Jen-Kuang Chang
Khalil Charif
Gene Chen
Pin-Hua Chen
osvaldo cibils
Cyborg Art Collective
Alexandre Duarte Bassani
Yossi Galanti
Eliot Gray Fisher
Max Herman
james a hutchinson
Jyun-Cheng Jian
Timo Kahlen
Ayshe Kizilçay & Adriano Perlini
Nicole Kouts
Olga Kowalska
Lin Li
Patrick Lichty
Bonnie MacAllister
Benna G. Maris
Konstantina Mavridou
Erik Nilsebraten
Silvia Nonnenmacher
serge onnen
Lorenzo Papanti
Bya de Paula
Susanne Layla Petersen
klaus pinter
Tija Place
Stefanie Reling-Burns
João Rocha
Natallia Sakalova
Nina Sobell
Igor Štromajer
Elle Thorkveld
Juergen Trautwein
A. P. Vague
tobias c. van Veen & ZiggZaggerZ
Ela Wysakowska-Walters
Hussel Zhu

Long single take movies

Kristin Anderson
Sandy Baldwin
Sohil Bhatia
Brad Brace
osvaldo cibils
Gene Chen
Dorin Budușan
Emanuele Dainotti
Chris Funkhouser
Carin Jaeger
Kevin Perrin
Nicole Kouts
Patrick Lichty
Bjørn Magnhildøen
Zsolt Mesterhazy
Stefanie Reling-Burns
João Rocha
Natallia Sakalova
Nina Sobell
Alan Sondheim
Dany Tomasisi
tobias c. van Veen & ZiggZaggerZ
maeshelle west-davies
Ela Wysakowska-Walters
Malgorzata Zurada

60 seconds movies

Björn Aho
Sasha Asensio
Daniele Caetano & Natasha Vergilio
Sajjad Dadpour
Anne Järvi
Steen Møller Rasmusen
Karolina Pawelczyk
Milos Peskir
Kirstine Siegumfeldt & Louis Lind Olrik
Alberte Skronski

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