Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Exhibition announcement SKINS at Gallery 60six in San Francisco, Oct.4 - Nov.1, 2014

    Sk-Bk acrylic on collage, 69" x 64", 2013

acrylic paintings on collage

Jürgen Trautwein is an interdisciplinary artist working in a variety of mediums including new media, hypertext works, temporary inferences, installations, painting, drawing, and photography. His process oriented practice often brings attention to notions of time and duration, where the works themselves become manifestations of immediate, everyday and present experience.

“Skins” presents Trautwein’s recent body of monochromatic acrylic paintings, constructed on geometrically ordered collages on letter-sized paper. The collages are made from ‘time-sheets,’ a collection of unwanted drawings, paintings, prints, sketches, notes, flyers, form-letters. These materials are created and saved by the artist over time, the personal content of which spans about 20 years. Trautwein joins together these time sheets, which he works on from both sides, in an intuitive process which allows for accidental fusions of various moments in time, and preserves the provisional nature of the recycled elements. Trautwein consolidates several years of information, scattered experiences and thoughts into physical objects which transcend the notion of content, and confront the viewer in an immediate, material and bodily mode.

Artist's Reception:
Saturday, October 4, 6-8:30pm

VIP Preview:
Thursday, Oct 2, 5-7:00pm

Closing Party
Saturday, Nov 1,   2-5pm

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First Thursdays 5-7:30pm

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