Tuesday, January 17, 2012

noise pix bombs @ conflux pearl conard gallery

noise pix bombs
/ jtwine re-twined - click your way into infinite repetitions of the same, an always the Same-Game SPIEL ohne ZIEL project. n_p_b is a remix, consisting of various former jtwine net art projects re-contextualized and re-twined. This is an anti war, experimental, virtual interactive sound-image-composition pseudo game. The n_p_b project questions repetitious perception of destruction with the option  of minute modifications, while repeating the same actions. It seems one can change a lot, but actually one doesn't. It's possible to white-wash most of the screen, but at some point the system stays the same, resulting in  being caught up in an endless loop of  war-machinery and destruction.

noise pix bombs will be part of the conflux exhibition at the Pearl Conard Gallery at the Ohio State University Mansfield together with the following artists:
January 19th to March 2nd. 2012

Heather D. Freeman
Jalila Essaïdi
Ken Rinaldo
Mark Cooley
Alan Bigelow
Jody Zellen
jtwine aka Jürgen Trautwein
Mores Zhan
Nadav Assor
Bobby Campbell
Daniel Temkin
Jeff Murphy
Selin Balci
Shane Mecklenburger
Claudia Herbst-Tait
Daniel Miller
Joshua Penrose
Nick Bontrager
Mike Yager
Pete Froslie
Raphael Perret
Richard Elaver
Su Hyun Nam

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