Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fung Lin in Town

one of those rare red sky sunsets in SF (apartment buildings at Lafayette park)

Today Fung Lin Hall was in town. We did a San Francisco, free on Tuesdays, museum tour. Talked about contemporary art and some of the stuff we saw displayed in various shows at the de Young and Legion of Honor. Talked about art and art on the net. Talked Beuys, Rusha, Nauman, Kiefer... CamusKierkegaard, Wittgenstein...fried fish, bitter melons... Rilke, Hoelderlin, Bergmann, Fassbinder among many others. Haven't seen her for ten years.

These pieces were at the de Young museum. 
This guy seems to be the ultimate symbol of the human beast. 
Forgot the artist's name though.

Yard-Bricks, installation by Fung Lin Hall in Phoenix, Arizona

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