Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The man without content

Went to check out "we remember the sun" a group show at the walter mc been gallery at the sf art institute. The only thing that really caught my eye and mind was an excerpt from the book the man without content by Giorgio Agamben.
In this book, [Agamben] considers the status of art in the modern era ... [H]e argues that the birth of modern aesthetics is the result of a series of schisms that are manifestations of the deeper, self-negating yet self-perpetuating movement of irony.
The quote was printed on an information flyer anouncing upcoming lecture series; this was of course not part of the show, but to me it reflected the state of contemporary art and the content of the exhibition. The show in itself didn't leave any mentionable marks on me. I wasn't touched by anything because it was all cool and emotionally detached, empty and soulless and to me it didn't reflect the myths and legends from a time punctuated by activist protest around the globe; what it supposed to do. But I did enjoy the beautiful view over the bay and another set of trash cans.

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