Monday, September 23, 2013

Workstation Sisyphus - an office for unsolvable problems project

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Workstation Sisyphus
variations 2013

Workstation Sisyphus is a mixed media room installation in variable dimensions, consisting of laptop computer(s) (showing drawings and caricatures of the human folly as slide shows) as well as cushion(s), clothes, shoes, books, stones, flowers etc. and “time sheets”, which are unwanted drawings, paintings, prints, sketches, notes, flyers, form-letters, texts, everything ready to be torn up and thrown away, or anything considered not being a “finished” art-piece in the 8,5 x 11 inches paper format; anything that could be recycled, reused, reworked and re-contextualized.

Workstation Sisyphus explores the eternal concept of up hill rock-pushing as a symbol for the absurdity of human life. The “time sheets” used for this project symbolize the creative process as a repetitive doing, a constant up and down to make something meaningful; art as means of finding meaning within meaninglessness.

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