Monday, November 14, 2011

jtwine re-twined / new work on

noise_pix_bombs / jtwine re-twined - click your way into infinite repetitions of the same, an always the Same-Game SPIEL ohne ZIEL project. n_p_b is a remix, consisting of various former jtwine net art projects re-contextualized and re-twined. This is an anti war, experimental, virtual interactive sound-image-composition pseudo game. The n_p_b project questions repetitious perception of destruction with the option  of minute modifications, while repeating the same actions. It seems one can change a lot, but actually one doesn't. It's possible to white-wash most of the screen, but at some point the system stays the same, resulting in  being caught up in an endless loop of  war-machinery and destruction.
jurgen trautwein, jtwine, j├╝rgen trautwein, juergen trautwein

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