Friday, May 27, 2011

Coverups and Blendouts (portals & ghosts) - Abdeckungen, Ausblendungen, Verdeckungen

Verspannung2, aus dem Arbeitszyklus BLEICHWIESEN, im Kraichgau/Burg Ravensburg, Mai 2011

Selected images from a temporary nature interference project, in the lush green of southern germany.
The project refers to an ancient way of doing laundry, or better of bleaching bed sheets, table cloth... by putting them into the sun and sprinkle them with water. BLEICHWIESEN = bleaching meadows

The sheets create a kind of portal or window when they are horizontal, and weird ghosts when they are on the pastures.  One can smell them, too: that clean, fresh water/sun perfume that the sun creates on clean clothes.

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