Sunday, September 14, 2008

Praba Pilar and L.M. Bogad - we remember the sun performance at the SF art institute

LM Bogad

Neruda by Praba

L.M. Bogad and Praba Pilar performed on 9.11 an original piece commemorating the anniversary of an infamous terrorist act: the CIA-assisted military overthrow of Chile's democratically elected President, Salvador Allende
. This rooftop ritual rememberd the sun of hope and rebellion that shone around the world a generation ago, with its triumphs and failures, its precious solidarity and numerous betrayals.
I did like the multilayered complexity of the performance and how the audience got involved in the piece.

one of the multiple performance sets, it could be a play as well, great script and research.

another set of the performance, great tower piece, very intense...

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