Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fung shark fin soup 2 - neodada art-talk project between Fung Lin Hall and jtwine

It looks like a landscape by Liu Wei


The yokohama fins are amazing!
should we do the project in a kind of ecriture automatic/cadavre exquis style (andre breton's surrealistic games i believe)?, so we could spontaneously write and post images whatever comes into our minds (reflecting on the last email one has received).


Mais oui.
>ecriture automatic/cadavre exquis style
You can put these words in for your next post.
(Not for Sarah Palin.)
Or go to Breton. (Frieda Kahlo complained about Andre Breton?)
She said the only french person she liked was Duchamp.

I am going to connect Shark fin tissue and my Tissue II. Mine takes time. Slow.
Toilet paper and eating Shark Fin - may have some connection in the ocean, have no idea.


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