Friday, September 27, 2013

Skins - acrylic paintings on collages - part 1


Skins are  monochromatic paintings in acrylic on various geometrically ordered collages, which consist of multiple sheets of letter-size paper.

Skins grow out of papers called “time-sheets”, which are unwanted drawings, paintings, prints, sketches, notes, flyers, form-letters, texts, everything ready to be torn up and thrown away, or anything considered not being a “finished” art-piece in the 8,5 x 11 inches paper format. These “time-sheets” end up in various “recycle stacks” spanning over a long period of time. The joining of the single “time-sheets” (most of them printed, or worked on from both sides) is very intuitive, so the backsides are accidental fusions of various documents of time, preserving the provisional quality of a stack of used paper, while still displaying all personal content from a time-span of about twenty years.  Through the gluing and multilayered painting processes the single sheets meld together into smooth, wavy and wrinkly, monochrome light-fields, revealing faint indications of their geometrical structure.

Skins are shielded personal landscapes, uneven, almost aged surfaces that conceal private information, transcending into empty quietness; meaning- and timeless abstract spaces of open interpretation. They are  silent reminders of erased content, voids of no incident encouraging a state of contemplative meditation in the viewer.

   Sk-W/Y/R 1, acrylic on collage, 28"x38,5", 2013

    Sk-W/Y/R 2, acrylic on collage, 28"x38,5", 2013

    Sk-W/Y/R 3, acrylic on collage, 28"x38,5", 2013

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