Thursday, October 29, 2009

Water Wars - drawings 2009

mouthless water #9 , pen and ink on letter-size paper, 2009

“You’ve got exploding urban populations, increased pollution and a need to address those things in a meaningful way,’’ said Ian Barbour, general manager of Dow Chemical’s Water Solutions unit. “Of course, we’re investing significantly in the water business.” Most analysts expect the water market in the United States to be worth at least $150 billion by 2010. And it may happen even sooner than that. Arid cities like Los Angeles and Phoenix already grapple with sporadic water shortages. New York City’s water — once lauded for its purity — is getting cloudy, and the American Society of Civil Engineers has given the pipes and other parts of the country’s creaky water system a D minus." via

mouthless water #21, pen, ink and acrylic on letter-size paper, 2009
Here for more water.

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