Friday, November 30, 2018

Synthetic-Zero/ looking-at-what-we-dont-want-to-look-at/ group show at Bronx Art Space, New York

    Sofia Cordova Dawn Chorus still image from video

Synthetic Zero : Looking At What We Don’t Want To Look At

December 14 - December 22

Curated by Mitsu Hadeishi

Airplane Mode (performance meets tech duo Suzy Kohane and Mitsu Hadeishi) will be presenting (working title) “How to Wind a Watch", followed by a performance by the stunning and incomparable Alexandra Tatarsky. The event will also include virtual reality, a living art installation, experimental video, video installations, and visual art. The show is free to the public, but voluntary donations will be accepted for the performances.
Openings December 14 and 15, 6-10pm

Suzy Kohane & Mitsu Hadeishi, “How To Wind A Watch” - 7:30pm (Dec 14 and 15)
Alexandra Tatarsky - performance - 8:15pm (Dec 14 and 15)

Young Joo Lee - virtual reality installation
Julia Maria Sinelnikova - interactive projection installation
Yali Romagoza - living art installation - 6:30pm - 7:30pm (Dec 14 and 15)
Juergen Trautwein - interactive website


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