Sunday, May 6, 2012

noise_pix_bombs @ Revolution Now and Forever - VN Gallery, Zagreb

Catalog excerpt from the revolution now and forever show @SC gallery, VN gallery and in the streets of Zagreb 05.09.2012 -05.19.2012

Artists on view:


1.      Gillian Mciver: PROJECT GAGARIN, A COLD WAR NOSTALGIA, video

2.      Paul Beck: A THOUSAND POUND BOMB, video

3.      Guli Silberstein: REFORM, video

4.      Igor Bošnjak: 2048, SF video

5.      Jürgen Trautwein: NOISE_PIX_BOMBS,  sound- net art

6.      Alan Bigelow:,  net art

7.      Selma Banich: EVERY CRY IS A REVOLUTIONARY ANTHEM, video

8.      PERFORMING TERRORISM CUBE, interactive installation

9.      EUPatrids, music performance

10.    Đurđica Katić: THIN RED LINE, installation, public action


1.         Dalibor Martinis: EGIPTIAN ODESSA STAIRS, video

2.         Andrej Mirchev: SECRET ADEPT OF REVOLUTION, lecture performance

3.         Pino Ivančić: SALE, installation

4.         Goran Ristić: ART MUST BE STRONG, performance

5.         Marijan Crtalić: POLITICAL BREATHING, performance

6.         David Colagiovanni: OAKLAND, OCTOBER 25th, animation

7.         Joseph DeLappe: Chatroulette: Discipline and Punish, 2011, Telematic Performance

8.         Boris Bakal: BMW, lecture

9.         Sarah Boothroyd: REBBLE RAUSERS, sound art

10.       Drago Palavra, DEMONSTRATION AGAINST, photo

11.       Đuro Gavran. LIJEPA NAŠA DOMOVINO, experimental video

12.       Marko Marković, 99_1, video

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