Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Poet and writer Victor Martinez 02.21.1954-02.18.2011

 Victor at Ocean Beach

 Victor and Peter Orner at Marx Zavattero Gallery

 Victor at Live Worms Gallery

 Victor Martinez,  Enrique Chagoya, Sal Garcia at the Berkeley Art Museum

Victor at the Ball Park

Tina and Victor on the roof of my house

Victor at the cold creek in Sierraville

Victor and Silvia at Northstar, Lake Tahoe

 Victor Martinez reading poetry at the Northbeach public library

Victor and Tina at Ocean Beach

This is a selection of photographs of Victor I've been taken within the past few years. Looking at them puts tears in my eyes. Victor Martinez was my friend for 20 years, a great inspiration, a true artist and an amazing poet and writer. I will really miss you Victor. Here for more on Victor, also check out this beautiful homage at writersland by Meghan, his brothers and friends.
Victor on the Grotto website.
More photos of Victor by his brother Abel.
Mission Local remembering award winning author Victor Martinez.
Homage for Victor by Francisco X. Alarcon
Sf Chronicle has more

Rose, oh
reiner Widerspruch
niemandes Schlaf zu sein
unter so vielen Lidern.

Rose, oh pure contradiction, wanting 
to be nobody's sleep under so many eyelids.

Rilkes epitaph

writer and poet Victor Martinez died in his Mission home on feb 18th 2011 he won the national book award for parrot in the oven in 1996. he was a great man.

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