Monday, August 9, 2010

poolsounds by jurgen trautwein at the stattbad in berlin

photomontage by Franziska Leuthäußer

Poolsounds is part of the group show no food -no drink -no sticky lollies at the stattbad wedding in Berlin Sept. 17 -25, 2010. Poolsounds is a video and sound projection to be installed in the main pool room.

The video/sound installation Poolsounds is a memory piece, a recalling of the once busy pool area at the Stattbad Wedding, where people were having fun playing in water. To me, living in Berlin in the 80’s the Stattbad was a welcomed space to have a bath once in a while, since my living conditions at that time didn’t provide bathtub or shower. I still vividly recall, me reclining on my back while gliding slowly through the water watching, depending on the time of the day, light reflections on the ceiling above the pool.

Poolsounds was originally created as a looped stream for the net @ inspired by the submission call for the NO FOOD- NO DRINKS- NO STICKY LOOLIES show. The source material for Poolsounds was a video I shot at the Shoshone Death Valley hot springs pool, which seemed to be a perfect fit; sun-reflecting digital water refilling the empty pool at the Stattbad.

Poolsounds is a chill out piece, a water meditation intended for relaxation with the full potential of drowning and to possibly achieve balance and openness for alternatives to self-absorption, materialism and cynicism that often seem prevalent in society.