Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Skate this Art @ market street gallery in SF

  May 4 th-31st 
art auction/benefit:    "Skate This Art"  
at the Market Street Gallery (1554 Market) between Van Ness and Franklin... 
(half of proceeds go to the Roaddawgs homeless youth drop-in center.) 

I believe this is the second annual, curated by our own Randall John. Last year's auction/benefit of these one-of-a-kind skateboard decks, made into display-worthy works of art by local artists extraordinaire, each in their own inimitable style, was SO successful that, this year, the San Francisco Chronicle is going to cover the event ...

Among the participating artists are, yours truly, Rebecca Peters and Ronald F. Sauer, also Blake More, Richard 'Luckey' Perri, Randall John... and many many others. Hope to see you there. (Text via email)

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Unknown said...

What amazing decks - the show deserves to be a great success.